Dynata Vizslas

The breeding of vizslas is a HUGE responsibility.  Our goal is to breed hearty and healthy vizslas with wonderful temperaments, beautiful conformation, a sharp nose and attitude for the field, along with the overall ability that the versatile vizsla has
- to do
anything it sets its mind to!

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(I have FINALLY bit the bullet and have moved over to my new web format.  There are new pages and old pages mixed together.  Some pages are very outdated or missing.  A LOT of the website needs to be updated with current pictures and information.  But, I have to start somewhere!  I will continue updating - stay tuned...)

02/01/2016 - Hailey's Delivers 9 Beautiful Pups!!!


So excited to announce that Hailey whelped 5 girls and 4 boys!!!!

Link to Week 1 pictures are uploaded to her photo gallery

Click here to go to their Litters Page
01/15/2016 - Litter Announcement!

Hailey has been bred to Cody and we are expecting!
It has been over 3 years since our last litter and are VERY excited about this breeding!!!

Click here to go to their Litters Page

For the year of 2015, I apologize for falling behind with updates.  I WILL get back to this page and update all the news!

01/19/2015 - It's Official!!!

Introducing Dynata's FIRST Field Champion AND Dual Champion (and Grand Champion):

GCH DC AFC Dynata's Bound to Know It All MH NAJ NAII ROM


12/13/2014 - Wellsville, PA

GSP Club of Central Virginia Field Trial


Mother AND Daughter both WIN BLUE!!!!

Kesley had an incredible performance in Open Derby - one of her best yet to date!  She ran hard and hunted hard.  She had multiple finds with beautiful style!!!  So proud of you Kelsey girl!  Now, time to grow up and learn to be a broke gun dog.

While Kelsey had her wonderful run, Maddy would not be outdone!!!  She ran her heart out in the 14 dog Open Gun Dog Stake!  She ran the edges hard and had 5 beautiful finds!!!  With tough competition, Maddy had her day - she won her major!!!

I cannot express the feeling of pride I have to announce that my Maddy has finished her Field Championship!!!

Pending AKC processing, Maddy will now be:

GCH DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NAJ ROM

Honorable Mention:  Maddy placed 2nd in OLGD! 

What an incredible couple of weeks!!!  As I just mentioned below, all of the training, traveling, bumps and successes have all paid off!!!  At 9 1/2 years young, Maddy and I accomplished our goals in the field!!! 

Not worried about Top Ten points, Maddy is currently ranked in the Top 20 in the Open Top Ten list of vizslas in the country - all of those OLGD wins and placements certainly added up!! 

11/21/2014 - It's Official!!!

With Maddy taking a well deserved afternoon snooze, her AKC certificate arrived in the mail!!! 

With the ever present Maddy wiggle butt wag, her tail can be seen photo bombing the picture over the certificate.

Introducing Dynata's FIRST Amateur Field Champion:

GCH CH AFC Dynata's Bound to Know It All MH NAJ NAII ROM

 So PROUD of you Maddy!!!  We did it all together - the training, traveling, bumps and successes!!!

11/15/2014 - Ceclia, KY

Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville

With our AFC complete, we now only need an Open Major (4 total points) to finish Maddy's Field Championship. 

Starting from her break away, to her bird work (5 finds, 3 were limb), to her ground game and strong finish... Maddy was rewarded with WINNING BLUE blue in OLGD.  One dog shy of a major, she continues to amaze me. It was a tough and challenging course in Kentucky!!!

A major win away now from her Field Championship (Dual Championship!)

10/19/2014 - Dillwyn, VA

Northern Virginia Brittany Field Trial

The day has arrived - it hasn't sunk in yet!!!
Maddy needed 3 points to earn her
Amateur Field Championship.  As Maddy would have it, she earned all three the same day by WINNING the AGD MAJOR stake.

At 9 years and 4 months, Maddy ran with the youngsters and did her thing!  So incredibly PROUD of you Mads!!!!

Honorable mention:  Maddy also placed 2nd in the OLGD stake (was a major, as well)!

10/14/2014 - Ottawa, Canada

Rachel and Dash (Maddy-Erik) have been on a journey for about a year now to earn her Master ATChC.



GCH CH Dynata's Bound to Raise the Bar

In order to acheive this amazing title, they needed 3 Master Standards, 4 Master Snooker, 4 Master Jumpers and 4 Master Gamblers….She already has Bronze Jumpers Title (10 Jumpers) and I havae a feeling they will be going for gold.

So proud of these two - they are an INCREDIBLE team.  CONGRATULATIONS Rachel and Dash-a-roooooo!!!!!

10/11/2014 - Sumerduck, VA

Mason Dixon GSP Club Field Trial

Kelsey kicked off the season with a 2nd place in Open Derby.  She had a nice run matched with 2 stylish finds.  Scenting conditions were not great and she was in a stake with some very tough competition. Very proud of you Kelsey ! 

10/06/2014 - Sumerduck, VA

Conestoga Vizsla Club Field Trial

While we didn't get a blue ribbon today, Maddy still had a wonderful weekend!  She placed 2nd in OLGD (retrieving) and received an Award of Merit in a very competitive 28 dog AGD stake.  Fresh off the summer, not a bad way to start the season! 

09/15/2014 - Ottawa, Canada

CONGRATULATIONS to pretty AND talented
Dash (Maddy-Erik)!!!!!

With a ribbon almost as big as she is, Rachel and Dash just earned her Bronze AAC Master Jumpers Title!!!

She ran the course in 26.2 seconds in the rain on cold and windy day….She was amazing!!!

In order to qualify for Bronze, you need 10 Q's.

I hear a rumor that they have their eye on their  ATChC Master Title in the coming month or so.  Best of luck - you guys continue to amaze me.  So proud!!! CONGRATULATIONS Rachel and Dash-a-roooooo!!!!!

06/22/2014 - Richmond, VA

Virginia Kennel Club Show

CONGRATULATIONS to Callie and Andrew for finishing their handsome boy Patton in the show ring!

Introducing Dynata's latest show Champion:

CH Dynata's Bound To Reign (Maddy-Cutter)


Forever in my heart:

CH Cameo’s Bound and Determined MH CD NA NAJ VC ROM
(aka Lexi-Lou, Lexi Louski, Mama)
 3x Top Producer
#1 Top Producer 2007
January 16, 2003 – June 17, 2014

Her spirit now free to boss everyone on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! What an incredible adventure you made for us, Lex!! You changed my life forever, and for the better. You were an incredible teacher– we had so many firsts together. I am very thankful to have your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to honor your legacy. While I feel a huge hole in my heart of loss right now, the memories of life we had together are far greater and comforting. I am so grateful to have had your company for almost 12 years. We will meet again “mama!”

05/18/2014 - Warrior's Mark, PA

Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland Field Trial

Our spring field trial season continues to be successful!!!  This time it is Maddy who WINS her AGD stake for 2 more points towards her AFC.  Maddy ran beautifully on grounds she had never seen before.  She has really come into her own at almost 9 years young!  Honarble mention - Maddy also placed 2nd in the OLGD statke.  Both stakes were retrieving.  Way to go MADS!!!

05/17/2014 - Ottawa, Canada

Dash (Maddy-Erik), AGAIN!

Without much fuss, Dash earned her Grand Championship!!!  Rachel makes it look so easy!

Wonderful news - you guys are incredible!!!

04/20/2014 - Petersburg, DE

Conestoga Vizsla Club Field Trial

Once AGAIN - CONGRATULATIONS to my Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) who WINS the Amateur Derby stake for 2 points!  She put down a nice run and had fun with a lot of bird work. An ending to a very nice weekend with wonderful people and dogs .  SO PROUD of her!!!  Way to go Kelsey!!!

03/22/2014 - Seneca, MD

Mason Dixon GSP Club Field Trial

Once AGAIN - CONGRATULATIONS to my Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) who WINS the Open Puppy stake!  She really ran like a mature gun dog today.  SO PROUD of her!!!  Way to go Kelsey!!!

03/09/2014 - Medford, NJ

Eastern GSP Field Trial

1st time handling at a Medford NJ Field Trial and we had a blast! Meeting great new people (and seeing those that I don't get to see often) at a wonderfully run event. So VERY proud of Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) who took a 3rd in the very competitive 16 dog Amateur Derby, placing behind 2 very nice shorthairs.  Maddy had a beautiful run in ALGD (despite a slight indiscretion in the bird field) and placed 4th. Proud of the girls!!!


03/07/2014 - Goochland, VA

Paws Plus Training Nosework Trial

CONGRATULATIONS to Susan and Sarika (Lexi-Bud) for her first nosework title – she not only achieved her NW1 title, but did so by earning the highest score of the day (over 40 competitors) with the fastest time. She did her 4 searches with the judge’s comments:  Vehicle: Amazing change of behavior. Exterior: What a great search! Keep it up. Interior: Great job. Awesome team work. Professional-grade work. Container: Really nice search behavior. Super happy handler, very nice to see. Susan wanted to do field work with Sarika but didn’t have an outlet where she lives. So, she turned to nosework and is having a blast. Keep up the great work Susan and Sarika!!! You are both an inspiration with your teamwork and success in all the interesting venues you pursue!!!  

The little case on the left cone are the q-tips that were used to prepare the tests.  So proud of you girls!!!

02/23/2014 - Sumerduck, VA

GSP Club of Central Virginia Field Trial

Another wonderfully successful weekend - so proud of the girls!  Kelsey WINS the Amateur Derby stake for her first Derby point at a little over a year old!!!  She also places 3rd in each Open Puppy and Open Derby.

Maddy comes OH SO CLOSE to blues in both the Amateur and Open Retrieving stakes.  She places 2nd in each and 4th in the OLGD major stake. 

01/19/2014 - Caret VA

Old Dominion Vizsla Club Field Trial

Maddy does it again!  Beautiful run with many "challenges" on course - Maddy takes it all in stride and gets around clean!  She is rewarded with BLUE in the OGD stake!!!  More than half way there on the Open side and half way there on Amateur side, we are getting closer to those Field Champion titles!!! 


My head down and feeding birds in the coop, I look up and see Kelsey STANDING ON TOP OF THE bird walkout.  In disbelief, I walk out and grab my phone - pictures follow.  She was locked in on the house side of the fence.  How in the world did she get up there??? 

She climbed the fence, tiptoed on the ledge and hopped up on the wire box.  LOVE her attitude!!!



01/14/2014 - Hailey Receives an OFA EXCELLENT Hip Rating

Very PLEASED to announce that Hailey's (Maddy-Cutter) Hip X-ray result came back from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and she is rated as EXCELLENT!

Hailey is the 3rd Maddy child with an excellent rating (along with 4 other children with good ratings).  Continuing the tradition of healthy hips that Maddy's mother Lexi continued a generation ago with 2 excellent and 5 good ratings.

12/16/2013 - Cool Spring, NC

GSP Club of North Carolina Field Trial

Maddy does it again!  Wooo hooo!!!  We run in all 4 gun dog stakes and get around clean in 3!  The reward is another BLUE ribbon in the horseback ALGD stake!

Honorable mention to daugther Kelsey!  She runs her heart out with 2 beautiful finds in OD.  Still looking like a gun dog at an early age!!!

We didn't do so bad on new grounds! So proud of both my girls!!!

12/09/2013 - Rosaryville, MD



English Setter Club of Southern Maryland Field Trial

Maddy runs her heart out for the 4th time this weekend and is rewarded with BLUE in the horseback OLGD stake! 

She also placed 4th in AGD in a 17 dog stake. 
And, 3rd in OGD, 4th in ALGD at the Diamond State GSP Trial the same weekend.  Around clean 4 for 4 with a blue - way to go MADDY - we are becoming quite the team!

11/14/2013 - Ceclia, KY

Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville Field Trial

Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) run beautifully in Amateur Walking Puppy and WINS her stake of 9 for her 2 Amatuer Puppy points!

Looking like a gun dog at an early age - very proud of you Kelsey!!! 


11/01/2013 - Wellsville, PA

Mason Dixon GSP Field Trial

Maddy, Maddy, Maddy!!!!  How old are you now???
You continue to amaze me!  You are running so hard - your desire stronger than ever!  Unfortunately, bad handling by your mom and unlucky circumstances kept you from getting around clean this weekend.  So proud of you, young lady!!!

Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) - you were brilliant running.  Hard charging and beautiful pattern.  After finding a cock-bird (we saw it fly over the hill our way) you continued on course.  Ringing a large field and going on point in the corner.  Sad that there had to be a small covey in there!  You stood at first, but it became too much - and off you went.  A LOT of birds!  So proud of you - you will get there!

Kelsey, you brought the ribbon home again!  Competing against the same pointer and older GSP in Open Puppy, you did a wonderful job bringing home 3rd place.  Wonderful experience, you are still just a baby.  Your time will come.  So proud of you!!!

Not cooperating for a stacked photo!

10/27/2013 - Morton, Ontario Canada

Rachel and Dash do it AGAIN at the Master level!!!
Introducing our super talented Canadian agility starlet...

CH Dynata's Bound to Raise the Bar FD ADC SGDC AADC AGDC MJDC MSDC - Dash (Maddy-Erik)

Rachel and Dash received their
Master Snooker Title in nasty weather - pouring rain and cold in an unheated horse barn!  Way to overcome the elements girls!!!

They also added another Q to their Master Jumpers count in 28 seconds!!!  The Bronze Jumpers Title is in sight - 5 Q's down, 5 Q's to go!!!  I have no doubt that Bronze title will be here before we know it :)


10/27/2013 - Hamden, CT

Tri-State Shetland Sheepdog Club Agility Trials
Elaine and Remy have a WONDERFUL weekend picking up TWO agility titles!!!

Introducing our lastest agility star...

Dynata's Bound To Be The One MH NAP NJP - Remy (Lexi - Bud)

CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine and Remy!!!  They are truly having a blast in agility - fun, fun, fun!!!!

10/27/2013 - Leesburg, VA

Middleburg Kennel Club Dog Show

to Callie and Jack (Lexi-Endre) for going Best of Breed!  Once again over other nice Specials and Pro Handlers!!!

This has to be one of my favorite show pictures of Jack!!  Nice job Callie and Jack!  Wooo hooooo!


PS - Honorable mention to Jack's baby girl Milli for going Best of Breed in the 4-6 month class and taking a Puppy Sporting Group 2 in Georgia.  Nice way to get started!!!  Congratulations Kae!

10/26/2013 - Clear Spring, MD

DC Weim Club Horseback Fall Trial

While Maddy came a little unglued at this trial - running like a crazy young thing, her daughter made her proud!!

Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) was the ribbon holder of the weekend!!!  She and I ran in Amateur Walking Derby for the first time.  She ran nicely and had 3 finds.  At 10 months old, Kelsey gets a 2nd place!

She wasn't done yet - she also got a 3rd place in Open Puppy.  Way to go Kelsey!!!  

10/20/2013 - Belton, TX

4 Day Show Cluster!
Another REALLY nice weekend for Amy and crew in the show ring!
Thursday - 10/17
Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) - Best of Breed!!!

Bleu (Gunnar - Roxi) - Winners Dog/Best of Winners
Friday - 10/18
Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) - Best of Opposite Sex
Bleu (Gunnar - Roxi) - Winners Dog/Best of Winners
Abbie (Maddy-Hudson) - Winners Bitch!!!!!!!!

Introducing Dynata's latest CHAMPION!!!

CH Dynata's Bound To Be My Best Friend - Abbie (Maddy-Hudson)

Congratulations to Gary and Millie on beautiful Abbie's Championship!!!  Woooo hoooo!!!!

Abbie's Championship qualifies mama Maddy as a 2013 Top Producer, and puts her on the list for the 3rd time (like her mother Lexi).

The words "thank you" to Amy for handling her to her CH, and to her wonderful owners, just doesn't quite express my joy and gratitude. Wooo hooooo!!!!!

Saturday: 10/19
Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) - Best of Breed!!!
Abbie (Maddy-Hudson) - Select Bitch
Bleu (Gunnar - Roxi) - Winners Dog
Sunday: 10/20
Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) - Best of Breed!!!

Abbie (Maddy-Hudson) - Best of Opposite Sex
Bleu (Gunnar - Roxi) - Winners Dog/
Best of Winners

10/18/2013 - Cumberland, MD

Laurel Highlands Kennel Assoc Dog Show

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Callie and Jack (Lexi-Endre) for going Best of Breed after time away from the ring for a well deserved rest!  They go Best of Breed over other nice Specials and Pro Handlers.  Wooo hooooo!!!!!!!

10/18/2013 - Caret, VA

Old Dominion Vizsla Club Horseback Trial

Maddy and I continue on a roll - this time
4th place in Amateur Limited Gun Dog out of stake of 15!  SO PROUD of you Mads!!!  

Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) wasn't going to let mom be the only ribbon holder this weekend...  I ran her for the first time in Amateur Puppy and we took 3rd place, and she took 4th place in Open Puppy.


10/13/2013 - Canton, TX

Tyler Texas Kennel Club

A nice weekend for Amy and crew in the show ring!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Saturday - 10/12
Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) - Best of Breed!!!
  Sunday: 10/13
Gunnar - Best of Opposite Sex
Abbie (Maddy - Hudson) - Winners Bitch (1 point away!)

10/13/2013 - Sumerduck, VA

German Shorthaired Club of Central Virginia Fall Horseback Trial

Weather was miserable!  Soaking rain and wind!  But, Maddy held it together and got around clean in Amateur Gun Dog!  Birds everywhere, but Maddy held it together.  This weekend, she got a 4th place in a stake of 10.   

AND, Kelsey (Maddy-Cutter) made her field trial ribbon debut with a 3rd place in Open Puppy!

Unfortunately, since it was raining all weekend and windy, we didn't get pictures this time.

10/05/2013 - Sumerduck, VA

Conestoga Vizsla Club Fall Horseback Trial
Maddy and I ran in the Amateur Gun Dog stake.  Maddy has been a little more "carefree" with me on horseback with her manners, but she kept it all together and got 2nd place in a stake of 9!  Knocking on the door for another blue Mads!

09/07/2013 - Kingston, Ontario Canada

Rachel and Dash do it AGAIN - this time at the MASTER level!!!
Introducing our super talented Canadian agility starlet...

CH Dynata's Bound to Raise the Bar FD ADC SGDC AGDC AGNJ MJDC - Dash (Maddy-Erik)

Rachel and Dash received their
AAC Master's Jumpers title at the Morning Star Agility Trial!

This incredible team earned their 4 Q's to add another prestigious title to Dash's name of alphabet soup!  Many more to come, I KNOW!!!


08/31/2013 - Monroe, LA

Southern Louisiana Vizsla Specialty

Introducing Dynata's FIRST BISS Winner:

BISS GCH Dynata's Bound to Huntmore MH AOM (Maddy-Ruger)

to Amy and Gunnar who went Best of Breed for their Best in Specialty Show AND then went on to take a Sporting Group 3 in Monroe, LA! 

I am incredibly honored that Amy and Gunnar are the pair that commemorate this day as Dynata's first BISS win. You and Gunnar are an magical team. An incredible achievement - owner/handled no less - BRAVO!!!

Gunnar with his new crate tag and show loot!

08/24 AND 8/25/2013 - Long Sault, Ontario Canada

Vizsla Canada National Specialty

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and Dash (Maddy-Erik) for winning their Best Field Class and then went on to win Select Bitch among a very competitive class of bitch Specials!!!

Not only was that impressive on Saturday, but they REPEAT their performance on Sunday, again winning their Best Field Class and Select Bitch!  But WAIT, they weren't finished for the day - they went on to compete in Intermediate Agility and QUALIFIED!!!  Not much more they could do to compete for the Versatile Title (something we do not do here in the US).  Dash earned 27 points by her conformation and agility wins - now we wait to see what all the Sporting Dogs earn - the field events are not over yet.  What a wonderful concept for a Kennel Club!!!

A SPECTACULAR weekend for Rachel and Dash!  Wooo hooooooooo!!!!!  SO PROUD!!!!!

08/19/2013 - Ottawa, Canada

Introducing our Canadian agility starlet...

CH Dynata's Bound to Raise the Bar FD ADC SGDC  AADC AGDC MJDC - Dash (Maddy-Erik)

to Rachel and Dash-a-roo (Maddy-Erik) for earning yet ANOTHER agility title - MASTER level this time!!!!

With a course time of 22 seconds, Dash literally FLEW through the course earning her latest title.  WOW!!!

(what a bad g'ma I am - I missed many other agility titles - catching up now Dash-a-roo!!!!!)

08/09 - 08/11/2013 - Hamden, CT

CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine and Remy (Lexi-Bud) for hitting the AKC Agility circuit with such success!!!

They DOUBLE Q in Novice Jumpers and Standard with perfect scores and earn 1st place on Friday AND Sunday!!!  Wooo hoooo!!!!  What a GREAT start!

You guys are definately on an agility roll!!!

08/10/2013 - Fort Worth, TX

Introducing out latest agility starlet...

CH Dynata's Bound to Get Birdy at RedPointe SH NAJ

to Amy and Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) for earning their first agility title!!!!

They didn't have much time to practice but "flew" to their Jumpers with Weaves title - wooo hoooo!!!  AWESOME!

Way to go!!!

07/27 - 7/28/2013 - Longview, TX

What a GREAT weekend!  The beautiful ribbons were all earned with Amy handling: Gunnar in Breed (Maddy-Ruger), Abbie in the Open Bitch class (Maddy-Hudson) and Gunnar's son Bleu in the Open Dog (Gunnar-Roxi).

Gunnar took the Breed both days, Abbie went Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex both days, and Maddy grandson Bleu went Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday and earned his first point by going Winners Dog   Best of Winners!!!!  Abbie needs two single points to finish her Championship!  Young Bleu is visiting Amy from VA and is getting used to the show scene!

Professional pictures of all three coming soon!

Beautiful Abbie!!

Nice going Bleu!  TRY to stand still!

07/28/2013 - Ottawa, Canada

MORE Agility CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and Dash (Maddy-Erik)!!!  They earned a Masters Jumpers Q with a running time of 33 seconds.  Wooo hoooo!!!  They were so close to a Master Snooker Q and Advanced Standard Q - they could taste it!  Awesome weekend, congratulations!!!

07/20/2013 - Houston, TX

Agility CONGRATULATIONS to Amy and Birdy (Maddy-Hudson)!!!  They earned their second Novice Jumpers Q!!!!

Birdy is FAST and will sometimes (ok, more than sometimes) create her own course.  It all came together for her 2nd Q!

The bar is set at 24" in the picture.  The picture is NOT edited.  The girl can catch some air!!!

07/01 - 07/06/2013 - Richmond, VA, West Friendship, MD

Since we entered every show we could before July 9 to try to finish Hailey's Championship before heading to summer field camp, and ended up finishing in June, we moved up into Best of Breed for our remaining shows - for the heck of it.
Hailey is on a ROLL!  She picked up 8 Grand Championship points by going Select Bitch 3 times.  Two were majors where she was Selected over other pretty Specials.  1/3 of the way to your Grand Championship title, it is time to put showing on the back burner.

SO PROUD of what you have accomplished at 20 months old:
All of your Puppy and Derby points and now a Champion and 1/3 Grand Champion!

Time to go back to the field - to do what you LOVE TO DO! 
North Dakota, here you come!  (and, keep an eye on your little sister Kelsey while you are out there!) 
Go be your wonderful self!!!

06/30/2013 - Richmond, VA

One last point... why NOT earn it with flair?  My Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) went Winners Bitch Best of Winners for her 3rd major at the Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry!!!  You just wanted some loot for your last win, Hailey!

Introducing my latest
Bred-By-Exhibitor CHAMPION...

CH Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For
It All - Hailey (Maddy-Cutter)

06/22/2013 - Richmond, VA

The roll continues! My (Maddy-Cutter) went Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex over a lovely Specials bitch from the Bred-By Class!  ONE MORE POINT!!!

06/15/2013 - Ludwig's Corner, PA

Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) is on a ROLL!!!  This time, Winners Bitch Best of Winners for her SECOND MAJOR!!! 

My goal of trying to get your Championship before heading back to Summer Field Camp is possible!  2 more single points and we ARE THERE!!

06/08/2013 - Fishersville, VA

to my Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) again for going Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex!  Now in double digits - closing in on it Hail's!

The birds flying around inside the building were a blessing and a curse!  We managed to get through it all!  STILL got an eye on them in her picture - no relaxing for this photo!!

05/24 and 05/27/2013 - New Castle, PA

Congratulations to my Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) for going Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex (over a lovely Specials bitch) from the Bred-By Class on Friday, and Winners Bitch & Best of Winners on Monday!  She was knocking on the door on Saturday with a Reserve Major win.  Way to go Hail's!!!

It was SOOOO cold at these shows this year!  Hard to believe it was almost June!  No warm clothes to wear - both Hailey and I were both shaking before it was over on Friday!  I think Judge Indeglia agreed!  By Monday, it seemed quite tropical!

We also were able to attend two health clinics.  Hailey got her Cardio and CERF eye exams done.  All normal!!

05/27/2013 - Kalamazoo, MI

CONGRATULATIONS to owner/handler Lynn and Zsolt (Maddy-Cutter) for going Winners Dog & Best of Winners!!!!!!  Way to go guys!!!

05/25/2013 - Ontario, Canada


CH Dynata's Bound to Raise the Bar FD - Dash (Maddy-Erik)

to Rachel and Dash-a-roooo for
completing their Field Dog Title!!!!

Dash's scores were: 97, 91 and 93 for a total of 281 points! This high score should give her a good placement in the Field Dog Standings in Ontario.  It is very possible that this score would place her in 1st, but we will have to wait and see when the results come in in a couple weeks.  Vizsla Canada does a group summary and posts it on there website!

05/11/2013 - Topeka, KS

 Introducing our latest CHAMPION...
CH Dynata's Bound to Get Birdy at RedPointe SH - Birdy (Maddy-Hudson)

Topeka, KS - Show Me Vizsla Club Specialty

CONGRATULATIONS to Birdy and Amy!  They win their THIRD Vizsla Specialty to finish Birdy's Championship!  Amy is proud of her second Champion in the house that she finished completely by herself. 


305/01/2013 - Minnetonka, MN
Vizsla Club of America National Specialty

It was another fun year sharing time with special friends!  This year, our family was represented by my crew of Lexi, Maddy and Hailey - as well as our TX contingent represented by Amy and her Gunnar and Birdy! 


Amy and Gunnar take FIRST Place winning their non-regular Hunting Dog Class!


Amy and Birdy take FIRST Place winning their Amateur Owner Handler Class!


Lexi continues where she left off last year! 
I escored her to a
SECOND Place in her very competitive 8-10 year old Veterans sweepstakes class!


Amy shows Lexi and Birdy together in Brace and take home a SECOND Place!


Lexi's grandpa couldn't resist! 
Greg escorts Lexi in the 8-10 non-regular Veteran Class and they take a
FOURTH Place!  


The All Star Review! 3 Generations Again This Year!

Magestic Lexi, Beautiful Maddy, and Handsome Gunnar!!!!    



304/08/2013 - Calhan, CO
Vizsla Club of America National Gun Dog Championship

Rocky Mountain Roosters, Inc. - Vizsla Club of America National Gun Dog Championship

Very proud of Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) and Amy for entering and running in the NGDC!!!  Getting around clean despite an oncoming snow storm and 45mph winds, they did a phenominal job!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


303/23/2013 - Seneca, MD

McKee-Beshers WMA - Mason Dixon GSP Field Trial

YAY MADDY!!!  Running for fun, I entered Maddy in the trial with no pressure.  That is the way to do it!  Maddy (Lexi-Danny) ran the BEST I have ever seen her run and takes a
FIRST place winning her a 3 point MAJOR and RETREIVING points in the Amateur Gun Dog Stake

I am BEYOND PROUD of you Maddy!!!!

303/09/2013 - Sumerduck, VA

Sumerduck WMA, VA - Conestoga Vizsla Club Field Trial

CONGRATULATIONS to Patton (Maddy-Cutter) and owner/handler Andrew for winning their first stake!  Patton takes a
FIRST place winning the Amateur Derby


303/03/2013 - Caret, VA

Blandfield Plantation, Caret, VA - Old Dominion Vizsla Club Field Trial

Our first field trial of the Spring 2013 Season.  My Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) continued her winning ways by winning her FOURTH
FIRST place blue ribbon in a row! 

We won the Amaetur Derby stake of 9!  She had a incredible run - I just went along for the ride! 

She now has her 2 Amateur Derby points!  And, now she has now batted for "the cycle" earning all of her juvinille points. 

I am SO proud of her!!!


03/02/2013 - Bel Alton, MD

Maryland Sporting Dog, Bel Alton, MD

CONGRATULATIONS to Whisky (Maddy-Hudson) and owner/handler Jessica for their WINNERS DOG MAJOR win!  Back-to-back MAJORS for you guys! 

SO PROUD!!!  Well on your way!

02/24/2013 - Wellsville, PA

Introducing our latest JUNIOR HUNTER...
CH Dynata's Bound to Have It All JH - Jackie (Maddy-Erik)

York Pointer & Setter Club, Wellsville, VA - Old Dominion Vizsla Club Hunt Test

Jackie earns the last leg of her Junior Hunter title!  So proud of you Jackie!

02/17/2013 - Alvord, TX

Birdy and Amy do it AGAIN! 
This time at the Texas Coast Vizsla Club Field Trial!

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) takes a FIRST place, winning the Amateur Limited Gun Dog Retrieving Stake.  Her first Gun Dog stake win and points!!!  Wooo hooooooooooo!!!!

  AND!!!  Birdy also does very well in Amateur Gun Dog taking a SECOND place. 

WAY TO GO Amy and Birdy! 

02/01/2013 - Sunset, LA

At the Southern Louisiana Vizsla Club Field Trial, Amy and Birdy do it again!

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) takes a THIRD placement in the Amateur Gun Dog Stake of 16!!!  Way to go Amy and Birdy!  What a wonderful accompishment in such a large stake!!!

01/19 and 01/20/2013 - West Friendship, MD

Congratulations to my Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) for going Winners Bitch on Saturday, and Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex (over 2 lovely Specials bitches) from the Bred-By Class her first show weekend back since June of last year. 

I have to hand it to you Hailey, you really are a versatile girl!  Going from living in North Dakota for summer field trial traning while living in a barrel of hay, to stepping into the show ring without any practice - you never missed a beat.  SO proud of you!

01/12 and 1/13/2013 - Caldwell, TX

Introducing our latest SENIOR HUNTER...
Dynata's Bound to Get Birdy at RedPointe SH - Birdy (Maddy-Hudson)

CONGRATULATIONS to Birdy (and owner/handler Amy) for passing TWO in a row to complete their Senior Hunter Title!!! 

Once again, with multiple finds and very nice scores, Birdy had two beautiful runs.  WOOO HOOOOOO!!!   

Best of luck as you continue on in the field girls!!!

1/5 and 1/6/2013 - Glenrose, TX

  WAY TO GO AMY!!!!  An incredibly successful weekend...


Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) and Amy and go Best of Breed both days, capping Saturday off with a Sporting GROUP 4  placement!  Woooo hooooooo!!!

Congratulations Amy!!!   You sure are an awesome team with Gun-Gun!  So proud of you guys!


AND... TWO placeholder pictures for Abbie (Maddy-Hudson)!! Amy and Abbie go Winners Bitch both days bringing Abbie-Dabbie just a few singles away from her Championship!!!  Woooo hooooooo!!!

Congratulations to Gary and Millie on their beautiful girl.  And, thank you Amy for doing such a wonderful job handling her!!!

12/25/2012 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Maddy/Cutter Babies!!!  2 boys and a girl

Click here or on the picture to go to Maddy and Cutter's breeding page.  From there, you can read Maddy's Diary or see the puppy photo album for Week 1!!

It is no accident that Santa's hat is smiling!  Welcome to the world my sweeties!

12/9/2012 - What an AMAZING weekend in the field for the Dynata Crew!

Petersburg, DE - Diamond State GSP Field Trial

My Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) continued her winning ways by winning her THIRD
FIRST place blue ribbon in a row! 

She won the Open Derby stake of 10! 
She had a FANTASTIC run! 

She now has her 2 Open Derby points!

I am SO proud of Hailey - she had such a beautiful run!!!  At just shy of 14 months old, Hailey now has her 2 Open Puppy and 2 Open Derby points as well as her 2 Amateur Puppy points!  We may try to find an Amateur Derby stake to complete 'the cycle' - we'll see!



AND... at the same event...

Petersburg, DE - Diamond State GSP Field Trial

Patton (Maddy-Cutter) earned a
SECOND placement in Open Puppy!!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew and Callie!!!

12/9/2012 - College Station, TX

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) and Amy do it AGAIN!!!  They pass their SECOND leg of Senior Hunter with very high scores!!!

Congratulations Amy and Birdy!!!  You are on a roll!

12/6/2012 - Winston- Salem, NC

Jack (Lexi-Endre) and Michael go BEST OF BREED at the Greater Hickory Kennel Club show!!!

Congratulations Callie and Andrew on another wonderful Breed win for Jack!!! 

12/1/2012 - Amarillo, TX

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) and Amy earn a THIRD placement in the Amateur Gun Dog stake at the Texas Panhandle Pointing Breed field trial!  Birdy ran well and used her phenominal nose to find a bird when many others could not.  Nice placement in a competitive stake of 13! 

Way to go girls!!!

11/18/2012 - Upper Marlboro, MD

My Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) had an AMAZING weekend at the Southern Maryland English Setter Club field trial this weekend!!!

On Saturday, she earned a blue ribbon, finishing FIRST place in an Open Puppy stake of 10 very competitive puppies!

She now has her 2 Open puppy points!

On Sunday, she did it again!  She earned a blue ribbon, finishing FIRST place in the Amateur Walking Puppy stake of 8 very competitive puppies!

She now her 2 Amateur puppy points.

Congratulations to my special girl!!! I am SO PROUD of you!!! Woooooooooo hoooooooo!!!

Time to put some meat on those bones :)

11/18/2012 - Sunset, LA

The FANTASTIC weekend news continues!!!

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson) and owner/handler Amy get their FIRST leg of their Senior Hunter with VERY nice scores!!!

Congratulations to Amy and Birdy for their FIRST gun dog success story! I am sure there will be many more to come!!! GO BIRDY!!!

11/12/2012 - It's OFFICIAL!!  Maddy and Cutter are Expecting!!!

It isn't the best sonogram picture in the world, but it doesn't matter!!! Maddy and Cutter are expecting!!!

To see more, go to their Litters Page. Maddy's Diary is in the works and will be udpated with her story with Cutter from the beginning! It isn't ready yet, but is coming soon!


11/10/2012 - Salisbury, MD

Jack (Lexi-Endre) and Michael go BEST OF BREED at the Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry!!!

Congratulations to Callie and Andrew for Jack's fabulous win above amazing Specials competition. Wooo hooooo!!!

11/10/2012 - Falling Waters, WV

I have to admit, there are a LOT of events out there that I am unaware exist!  Thanks to Susan, she continues to educate me as time goes by.  I am now catching up on all of their acheivements...

I am very PROUD to announce that Susan and Sarika (Lexi-Bud) have achieved BOTH Levels 1 and 2 of APDT Rally!!!  Not only have they achieved these first two levels, they have performed with such high scores, that they earned an Award of Excellence for both levels! 

You guys never cease to amaze me!  Continued success in this sport!!!

AND, then there is nose work!  Putting a nosy vizsla to work, intetionally using their sniffer, is amazing!  And, Sarika is very good at this too!  NACSW sponsors nose work training and titles.  I am once again PROUD to announce that Susan and Sarika passed their birch odor recognition test!  A great first step to eventually consider trialing :) 

Keep up the amazing work, you guys!  You are inspirational!  Wooo hooooo!!! 

Then, they entered a trial recently to practice, and they earned PERFECT scores and first places (earning bonus points) and are about half way towards their ARCH (Rally Champion) title!  Course maps below...


11/9/2012 - Kalamazoo, MI

Zsolt (Maddy-Cutter) and newbie owner/handler Lynn go Winners Dog/Best of Winners for another point!

Congratulations to Lynn and Dan on Zsolt's latest win.  Keep up the good work, you guys!  Wooo hooooo!!!

11/1/2012 - 11/4/2012 - Knoxville, TN

Introducing our latest GRAND CHAMPION...
GCH Dynata Bound For Folly Ridge SH CA - Max (Maddy-Erik)

Congratulations to Shella for Max's wonderful accomplishment of earning his Grand Championship!!!

He made it look easy this weekend!  Best of Breed Saturday and Sunday, and BOS Thursday and Friday to top off the last points he needed!  WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Way to go Max!!!!!!!!!!

10/28/2012 - What a GREAT weekend in the field AND the show ring!

Leesburg, VA - In the show ring -

Whisky (Maddy-Hudson) and owner handler Jessica went Winners Dog at the Old Dominion Vizsla Club Specialty for a 5 POINT MAJOR!!  They won their large 9 dog Open Class and then went on to Winners Dog!  SO PROUD of you two! 

Whisky is on his way!!!

Congratulations to Jessica and Devon on this wonderful win :)

AND... in the field in Caret, VA

CONGRATULATIONS to Patton (Maddy-Cutter) for his SECOND placement, out of 10 starters, at only his second field trial!!! 

Patton ran in Open Puppy at the Old Dominion Vizsla Club trial.  We were all there to watch his run.  SO PROUD!  Congratulations to Andrew and Callie - Goooo Patton!!  He is on his way!

LOVE that smile, Callie!  Great candids, Patton - your personality is hard to hide!

AND... at the same event

The good news continued!  I ran Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) in Amateur Walking Puppy and we received a FOURTH placement, out of 9 starters.  This is her second placement at her second field trial!  Goooo Hailey, I think you are getting the hang of this!!!


Maddy was bred to Cutter, again!  Cutter shown below trying to sweet talk her...

CLICK HERE to go their breeding profile page to see the incredible duo!!!

10/11/2012 - 10/13/2012 - West Friendship, MD

Jack (Lexi-Endre) and Michael go BEST OF BREED 2 days in a row, being selected out of a very nice Specials class!  Way to go, you guys are on a roll!!!! 

Congratulations Callie and Andrew on a very successful weekend with Jack!!!


10/8/2012 - Clear Spring, MD

Maddy and I went to participate in our very first horseback field trial, at the fall Conestoga Vizsla Club trial.  We entered in the Amateur Gun Dog and Limited Amateur Gun Dog stakes - both retrieving.  I am so proud of Maddy.  She took off and did her thing without any notice to me handling her from horseback.  She has never been to these grounds.  Everthing brand new!!!

She took a SECOND placement in the Amateur Limited Gun Dog stake!!! She had two back course finds, and had two birds in the bird field.  So proud :)  GO MADS :)

9/22/2012 - Seneca, MD

GO Jackie-O!!!  My Jackie (Maddy-Erik) returns to the field after over a year off - stepping aside while her mother and grandmother earned their MH's.

She earned her THIRD leg of her JH with very nice scores (3 great finds) - in the 80 degree heat: 8, 9, 9, 9!  So proud :)

Thank you, Amy for flying up to spend the weekend with us and be our good luck charm! 

99/1/2012 - Lexington, KY

CONGRATULATIONS to Shella and Max (Maddy-Erik) for their Select placements on both Friday AND Sunday!  GO MAX!!!

With 20 points under his paw (and all major requirements met), Max is closing in on his Grand Championship!!!

8/24/2012 - Long Sault, Ontario

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and Dash (Maddy-Erik) for their Best of Breed win the day before the Canadian Vizsla National Specialty!  

Rachel and Dash-a-roo were selected out of a beautiful entry of 30 Specials!

For not entering many shows, you guys are very impressive.  SO PROUD of you!!!  Woooo hooooo!!!

8/10/2012 - Harrisburg, PA

Introducing our latest GRAND CHAMPION...
GCH Dynata's Bound to Know It All MH NAJ NAII AOM ROM - Maddy (Lexi-Danny)

CONGRATULATIONS to my Maddy for earning her Grand Championship!!!.  She made it easy!  Mads, you are a stand out in the ring!  Going Breed, and winning most of your points with large majors over other female Specials (including the incredible National event with Alessandra!). 

We did it!  Seven years young, you still move the wind, keeping me on my toes!!!

7/8/2012 - West Friendship, MD


Maddy (Lexi-Danny) earns 11 points in 4 days towards her Grand Championship!

The most notable win was Maddy's Best of Breed win on Sunday over very nice Specials - woooo hooooooo!!!  GO MADS!!!

AND... at the same event...

My Hailey (Maddy-Cutter) goes Winners Bitch for her FIRST MAJOR!!!  (promise a prettier background next time, Hail's!)

So proud of my pretty little fire ball!!!  Only a little over 8 months old, we showed in the Bred-by class for practice so Hailey didn't forget showing - she will be away in North Dakota for a while at summer bird dog camp!

Versatile girl :)  Show in the morning, off to bird dog camp in the evening!  You GO girlie!!!

7/5/2012 - West Friendship, MD





Another Best of Breed win for Jack (Lexi-Endre)!!!

This time, his Best of Breed win was followed by
ANOTHER GROUP 3 placement!!!! 

This is Jack's SECOND Group placement in the same week!

Wooooo hooooooo!  CONGRATULATIONS to Team Jack for such a successful roll!!!

AND... at the same event...

Patton (Maddy-Cutter) goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners for another 2 points and only needs his majors to finish his Championship! 

Way to go Callie and Michael for maxing out Patton's single points at only 8 months old!!! 
CONGRATULATIONS Callie and Andrew!!!  What a GREAT couple of months it has been for your two beautiful and talented boys!

7/1//2012 - Richmond, VA

Introducing our latest GRAND CHAMPION...
GCH Dynata's Bound For the Field MH - Jack (Lexi-Endre)



A Best of Opposite placement at the Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry earns Jack his Grand Championship!!! 

SO PROUD of you Jack - you are all grown up!!!
CONGRATULATIONS Callie, Andrew and Jack-man!!! 
Jack is beautifully shown by Michael Scott!

6/29/2012 - Richmond, VA



A very nice Best of Breed win for Jack (Lexi-Endre) and Michael!


Very exciting to report that his Breed win was followed by a GROUP 3 placement!!!! This is Jack's second group placement.


96/10/2012 - Ashville, NC

CONGRATULATIONS to Shella and Max (Maddy-Erik) for sweeping the Select Dog placement both days for two more majors and 6 more Grand Champion points.  All requirements met - 12 more points and you are a GCH!  GO Max!!!  Yahoooo!!!!

6/04/2012 - Hammond, Ontario

Wooo hooooo to Rachel and Dash-a-roo!!!  Rachel and Dash (Maddy-Erik) pass their SECOND leg of their Field Dog title and receive their qualifying BLUE RIBBON - 97/100!!!  One more leg to go - CONGRATULATIONS!!!  For those not familiar with Canadian titles, an FD is similar to our SH.

6/02/2012 - Charlottesville, VA

Best of Breed win for Jack (Lexi-Endre)!  Another point towards his Grand Championship! 
CONGRATULATIONS Callie, Andrew and Jack!!!

5/27/2012 - Freehold, NJ

What a great Memorial Day show weekend for Callie and Andrew and their two boys!!!  Woooo hooooooo!

Jack (Lexi-Endre) picks up a big
Best of Breed AND Best of Opposite Sex Win!  He is quickly closing in on his Grand Championship!  7 more singles to go!  CONGRATULATIONS Callie, Andrew and Jack!!!


and, at the same event...

Patton (Maddy-Cutter) picks up TWO more wins for another 3 points!  Hard to believe Patton is almost singled out already!  Way to go Callie!!!

5/27/2012 - Denton, TX

Amy and Gunnar go Best of Breed!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Amy and Gunnar!!! SO PROUD of you guys!!!  Woooo hooooooooo!

5/27/2012 - Kalamazoo, MI

Lynn and Zsolt (Maddy-Cutter) go Winners Dog and pick up their FIRST POINT!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Lynn and Dan!  Great job getting out there with him, Lynn!  What a great start!!!  Woooo hooooooooo!

4/30 - 5/4/012 - Huron, OH


WOW, what a wonderful week for our family in Ohio!!!!  Thank you to Amy, Andrew and Callie, Lynn, Greg and Diane for making this a most memorable National Event - for so many reasons!!! 

Maddy – SELECT Bitch (Specials Bitch Class of 72)
Patton – 1st Placement in 6-9 Puppy Dog (Class of 17)
Jack – 1st Placement in Hunting Dog (Class of 7)
Hailey – 2nd Placement in 6-9 Puppy Bitch Sweeps (Class of 19)
Gunnar – 2nd Placement in Hunting Dog (Class of 7)
Lexi – 3rd Placement in Non-Regular 8-10 year old Bitches (Class of 16)
Lexi – 3rd Placement in Veteran Sweeps 8-10 year old Bitches (Class of 14)
Birdy – 3rd Placement in Amateur Owner Handler Bitches (Class of 6)
Jackie/Gunnar – 4th Placement in Brace (Class of 14)
Lexi – 4th Placement in Brood Bitch – with Jack and Maddy (Class of 34)

Maddy – All Star Review
Lexi – All Star Review
Gunnar – All Star Review
Jack – All Star Review
Lexi/Maddy/Gunnar – Grand Dam exhibition

Thank you to those that helped us handle all of our guys in multiple venues...  Alessandra Folz, Michael Scott, Karen Newman, and Sheila Denzler!!!  We had our hands FULL!

Pictures below are the best for each dog - since they competed in so many different classes, I took the best pictures we had for each.


Maddy (Lexi-Danny)

Best of Breed - Class of 180

YAY Maddy Maddy is chosen as SELECT Bitch !!!!!!!

(Specials Bitch Class of 72) A National Event I won't soon forget!  Alessandra and Maddy were amazing to watch!!!  They floated on air and worked together like they had been together for years!  A VERY EXCITING WIN!!!

All Star Review

SO proud of you Mads!  That was FUN!!!  Maybe we will try again in MN, hmmm...

Patton (Maddy-Cutter)

6 to 9 Month Old Puppy Dog - Class of 17

Callie, you have done a wonderful job getting Patton ready for the ring!  3 wins in a row your first weekend out - he was READY for Nationals!  Michael did such a nice job!  And, stacking like a big boy for Karen!

Jack (Lexi-Endre)

Hunting Dog - Class of 7
   1st Place

So PROUD of you Jack-MAN!  Standing like an almost Grand Champion!!!

All Star Review

What was a dream less than 6 months ago... Master Hunter?  All Star?  YES, SIR!!

Nice teamwork Callie and Andrew!

Hailey (Maddy-Cutter)

6 to 9 Month Old Puppy Bitch Sweepstakes - Class of 19
  2nd Place

You are my fireball -
SO PROUD of you Hailey!!!

Soooo hard to keep still and focused in these large classes at just 6 months old...


Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger)

Hunting Dog - Class of 7
  2nd Place

He looked beautiful, Amy...

soooo handsome!

All Star Review

SO PROUD of you two!  You are QUITE the team!!!


8 to 10 Year Old Veteran Bitch Sweepstakes - Class of 14
  3rd Place

Where do I begin Lex? 
LOOK AT YOU at 9 1/2!!!

You were a ROCK STAR!!!

8 to 10 Year Old Veteran Bitches - Class of 16 

Did I mention ROCK STAR???

Who knew you would LOVE being at Nationals?  You never cease to amaze me!!!

All Star Review

Master Hunter at 9 1/2 in ONE season after 6 years off to qualify for the All Star Review?  All Star Review??

4 dogs in All Star this
year!!  Thank you, Greg for helping escort The Queen for me!!

Birdy (Maddy-Hudson)

Amateur Owner Handler - Class of 6
  3rd Place

BEAUTIFUL Birdy - Congratulations!!!

Gunnar (Maddy-Ruger) and Jackie (Maddy-Erik)

Brace - Class of 14
  4th Place

AWESOME!!! Gunnar, with Jackie in season, you were such a GOOD BOY!!! Good girl, Jackie-O!

Nice job, Amy!  Easy for you with your BIS Brace earlier in the year!
Just kidding, wooo hooooo!!!!

Lexi with Maddy and Jack

Brood Bitch - Class of 34
  4th Place

What an HONOR!  Maddy and Jack help mom take a Brood Bitch Placement out of a VERY large entry!!! 

Lexi with Maddy and Gunnar

Grand Dam Exhibition

THE Grandest Dam of them ALL!
Lexi with daughter Maddy, and Maddy's son Gunnar!


Beautiful daughter Maddy
(thank you, Callie for taking her around!)

Not too far behind Maddy - Lexi's handsome grandson Gunnar!

The FABULOUS FOUR at the All Star Review!!!
(Lexi, Maddy, Gunnar, Jack)

THREE generations and FOUR dogs at this year's All Star Review!
SO PROUD of them ALL!!!

Keystone Vizsla Club Regional Specialty (in conjunction with the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty)

Gunnar - 1st Placement in Hunting Dog (Class of 3)
Lexi - 2nd Placement in Non-Regular 8-10 year old Bitches (Class of 13)
Jack - 2nd Placement in Hunting Dog (Class of 3)
Patton - 3rd Placement in 6-9 Puppy Dog Sweeps (Class of 11)
Birdy - 3rd Placement in Amateur Owner Handler Bitches (Class of 5)
Lexi - 4th Placement in Veteran Sweeps 8-10 year old Bitches (Class of 12)
Patton - 4th Placement in 6-9 Puppy Dog (Class of 11)
Hailey makes the cut in her 6-9 Sweeps class of 13
Maddy makes the cut in her Breed class of 48

Stories and pictures to follow...  


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